An up close and personal talk w/ brenton nuubian ahead of his Amsterdam debut.

When it came to our first Lobster night last September, we had actually booked Daze; who is in our opinion one of the main pillars of the label. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances in his schedule, Daze's appearance for our 1st Lobster night had to be canceled/postponed... We never lost hope, climbed high mountains of negotiations, not to mention sherlock style follow ups…. So here we are after 6 months of blood sweat and tears kicking back w/ Daze - the down under debutant as he headlines our 2nd Lobster showcase in one of the best rooms of the Benelux: de Bovenkamer.

First off, welcome back over to Europe. You’ve been over a few times now, how does it feel to be back? What is it you most enjoy about coming over here and kindly share with us some of your fondest memories of being in Europe?

Daze: Dankje! It's always great being back in this part of the world, despite almost being blown away by wind exiting the airport. To be honest it's still a huge thrill to me being able to travel and play shows, so its tough for me to single out any one experience. At a push though the first thing that springs to mind was Lobster-NACHT at Panorama Bar in April 2015, I think that was only 6 or so months following the release of my first record, and given that i'm not really a 'clubber' per se it certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world of experiences from which I've never looked back from.

Although i’m definitely biased as AMS is one of my favourite cities in the world, from an outsider’s perspective the electronic music scene seems so incredibly vibrant

This coming Friday, 3rd March, you will headline our second Lobster Theremin showcase at Radion here in Amsterdam. Having not been able to make it to our first one, despite eagerly booking you, things have come together nicely this time round. What do you know about the music scene we have here and has it brought any expectations?

Daze:There is so much to be excited about in Amsterdam - although i'm definitely biased as AMS is one of my favourite cities in the world, from an outsider's perspective the electronic music scene seems so incredibly vibrant. The influence of Trouw in inspiring a whole new generation of clubbers and musicians definitely cannot be understated; and I was lucky enough to spend a couple of nights there when I visited as a tourist in 2012. I try not to enter into anything with great expectations where possible, however I'm really looking forward to being back in the city to play music this time.

Taking things back more to the beginning, where do your influences come from as a DJ and also a producer? Your debut EP ‘Lips’ possesses a unique sound that people fell in love with worldwide, yet you come from Ballarat, a smaller Australian city that has little to no music scene. Tell us more about that? 

Daze: There's certainly no room in the music scene in Ballarat for what I do, despite there being a really strong and vibrant band scene there, however thats not to say there won't be in the future. We did hold a Lobster Theremin label night in a small 100 capacity venue which was a gas, and we had Asquith DJ and Route 8 play live which was a really proud moment for me. It was definitely way ahead of what most people's understanding of electronic music is, but people don't learn without being exposed. I do think that I'm lucky to have grown up in a generation with the internet, as I've been able to draw influences from far and wide this way. I'm confident that if I grew up in a time without the internet I wouldn't be doing this today. 

That EP has gained crazy recognition! It’s been repressed half a dozen times, but how did releasing it on Lobster Theremin, a label at that time in its infancy and also on the other side of the globe, come about? Were you already a fan of the label? 

Daze: Going back to the internet theme again, it was what allowed me to find myself on LT. Jimmy just contacted me via email one day and we went from there. I was definitely a huge fan of the label having picked up the now infamous LT001 by Palms Trax, and so there wasn't even really a decision to make in the end to be honest. The rest is history. 

I was certainly shocked by the reception it got, and the fact it has been repressed so many times
— Daze. on Lips EP

That first release really opened the door for you and you have since followed up with a couple more releases on Lobster as well as branching out onto labels such as Unknown to the Unknown and Valcrond Video. How did the initial response to your debut EP make you feel and what did it do for your passion for making music? 

Daze: I was certainly shocked by the reception it got, and the fact it has been repressed so many times I think is great. For me, if people still want to buy it then we shouldn't be standing in the way of people accessing independent music. I only wish more labels would have a similar approach. It may not have given me any extra drive to make music as its something I love to do anyway, but perhaps it gave me the validation that I was heading in the right direction. It can be hard to put your own music in context being so isolated in Australia.

In contrast to the response you have received over here in Europe how have things been back in Australia? I see you DJ quite regularly, is there as much love for that sound down under or are your skills as a DJ more recognised over there? 

Daze: Musically things have been fairly quiet in Australia, I'm certainly not a regular fixture by any means in the Melbourne scene. There is a love for a dirtier sound in Aus - big love to the Salt Mines crew and the dawwwg Sam Lyddy who continue to push it with their Untitled parties, I've played the last couple with both Patricia/Inhalants and Privacy and they were proper nights.  

There is a love for a dirtier sound in Aus

After a string of gigs, no doubt some good laughs and great memories, what are your plans for when you return home? How does your daily routine differ back in Ballarat from being on tour? And what do you have planned for the remainder of 2017? 

Daze: My routine couldn't be any more different when I'm at home, as I still work full time. I think this is important for me to maintain a healthy balance, however it does mean that I'm trying to cram studio time in when I can. The plan for the remainder of 2017 is to finally get a live set ready, it seems like I've been talking about it forever but haven't found the time to this point. I'd love to be able to tour that in Europe at some point soon. I'll also be aiming to finalise a couple more records.

And finally, kindly leave us with a track that has inspired you through the years and still does to this day.