Naeem & Gusto - Detour 002 [Detour]

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Naeem & Gusto - Detour 002 [Detour]


A1 / Naeem / “Banding” 
DETOUR002 opens with Naeem’s “Banding,” which aligns with his proclivity for acid-infused house, featuring heavy, staccato low ends and complex layers of analog drums and interwoven hi-hats. It’s a darker, gritty house cut with drizzled synth melodies on top of a stomping warehouse bass kick. 

A2 / Naeem / “B915” 
“B915” is similar to “Banding” in its quick attacks and truncated drum samples, however it presents more of a contrast in its reverberating synth tropes. The melodies rise and fall over what is otherwise a fairly straightforward bass line, becoming rhythmically more complex at the track’s three-minute peak. Futuristic tribal sounds over a loose thumping groove, this is acid tool house that’s perfect for peak hours. 

B1 / Gusto / “Breaker” 
The B-side of 002 features two tracks by Gusto that represents a departure from the A-side’s Chicago house inclinations. “Breaker” and B2 “Sideswipe” perpetuate the use of Naeem’s synths but hover instead over a forward-driving techno beat. This big-room track naturally swells in melody and bass, recalling the soulful Pittsburgh Track Authority feature on DETOUR001 with swelling chords, tight 808 kicks, and a scampering bassline. 

B2 / Gusto / “Sideswipe” 
Gusto propels 002 to an intense crest in “Sideswipe;” the track is the heaviest on the album and the most analogous to conventional techno, immediately launching into powerful bass and angst-ridden alarms. 

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