Will Ward - Detour 004 [Detour]

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Will Ward - Detour 004 [Detour]


DETOUR004 is a dynamic techno-leaning EP featuring Will Ward, a London-based producer and DJ. Ward is a member of the well-regarded electronic trio Circle Traps with Jack Wylie and Duncan Bellamy of Portico. His debut solo release on Deadplate Records and three-track EP on XVI Records gathered extensive support from Pedestrian, Throwing Snow, and My Panda Shall Fly. His most recent EP, Interval One, was featured on the Berlin-based label Leisure System, and has been lauded by Jon Hopkins, Ben Pearce, and Ryan Elliot. A melodic, dark, and dance floor-driven release, DETOUR004 represents a cohesive culmination of Ward’s work thus far, and is a timely and stylistically sound addition to the label’s catalog. 

A1 Bad Company 

Ward kicks off the EP with a tight and driving house track – biting synths, skittering hi hats, textured drums, and crescendoing sub hits make this perfect for dance floor peak-time 

A2 All Ones 

All Ones takes a darker turn, propelling Ward’s piece towards a deeper and more complex techno sound. Steadfast in its outset, it climaxes with a powerful and melodic synth line that maintains momentum throughout. 

B1 Rugged 

Rugged is one of the more danceable tracks on the EP, exhibiting more floor-focused sensibilities while maintaining its techno identity. Claps and strung-out synths emerge in a brief interlude, disappearing and re-emerging until the track’s close. 

B2 Fever 

Ward’s closing track is a dubbier and more down tempo respite. Here, the interplay of thick synths, booming bass, and delicate flutes complement a big room sound and bring the EP to a forceful and satisfying close. 

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