EYE first come to light last year with her debut release ‘Your Face In Dolby’ which was issued on cassette in very limited numbers and was neatly conceptualised with a mini collage hand stamped b&w poster and booklet with lyrics included. Since then we have seen a couple of follow up releases handled in a similar fashion, however, for this 8 track debut album we are lucky enough to have something we can stick under the needle no thanks to local label Knekelhuis.

The force behind the project is French synth enthusiast Laurene Exposit. Laurene has built a reputation as someone with a great passion for 80’s synth based music and has done a great job of showcasing her diverse influences through her recent project. Based in Rennes, over the past couple of years she has been running her label 'Waving Hands Records'. The labels ethos is to promote artists from there local scene whilst digging out older, missed and forgotten names. 

There is a definite sense of narrative throughout the LP, it manages to take you down into slower, dark more thought provoking spaces then knocks you back with 140 bpm’s of pure electronically fueled energy. The tracks are fused together with a distinct distorted color and along with it's gritty slick instrumentals the records an analog delight. 

The title track ’Sabine’ is a trippy down-tempo number with gentle melodies and eerie french vocals, tracks like 'Harvest Heart' and 'Your so fine ' also share a very similar softer heartfelt tone. Breaking the ambience are cuts like 'Undress',  'There Is' and 'Nachtwasser' that pack a more fierce Italo meets proto-techno manner using bass filled arpeggiated synth lines and warping modulated stab notes. 

The LP is finally tied together gracefully with closing track 'Soft Grey Moon'. A sweet electronic symphony with minimal drum work but layered in peaceful, warm melodies creating a dream like ambience.