London outfit Berceuse Héroïque have taken little time to set the tone for the year ahead as we step into 2017. BH036 their second release of the year comes from George Thompson, aka 'Black Merlin’, who's catalogue of releases is really somewhat impressive. In this edition the spiritually provoked 4 track EP provides an array of different tones from track to track with high energy dance floor peaks yet also more down-tempo introspective lows. 

The opening track hits hard with pounding percussive tribal drums that march you through from start to finish. Its drum work is smothered with sinisterly ambient synth lines and sharp piercing stabs. Although the cut it is fairly minimal its haunting vocals and moments of progression keep the track interesting to the ear. 
The title track ‘Spirit House’ coming in just short of 4 minutes has a more welcoming feel. Repetitive chimes are combined with minimal drum work, yet it creates plenty depth with dark echoing lows. Flipping the record over to B1 the mood changes vastly to a deeper Berlin repetitive techno nature, consisting of not much more then a mean lead and panning hats rich in reverb. 

To finish off, Merlin takes a step back with a drum-less yet spaced out piece imparting the feeling of dark thoughts. Its’ daunting synth lines and vicious stab notes draw a moving close to the EP and leaves high hopes for Thompson's next move. 

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