The culmination of several years work and the result of a very wide range of influences and factors Philogresz (A.K.A Ilker Soylu) has delivered an album that is nothing less than accomplished and is far more than the sum of its parts. Appropriately titled, the album oozes epic, cinematic appeal from start to finish and when listened to in sequence pulls the listener along on a varied and deeply moving journey that contains more than its fair share of emotional ‘highs and lows’.

Its almost impossible to pigeon-hole any of the individual tracks, let alone the LP, within any single genre – the influences are that wide ranging, lush pianos combined with Detroit techno-esque synth flourishes and pads are in the mix with sitars and more ‘eastern’ sounding vibes. In places soulful lyrics and vocal accompaniments are contrasted with pure melancholia delivering something unquantifiable and yet thoroughly engaging. For me the most exciting music has always existed in that unquantifiable ‘grey’ area – between the styles. So, if you’re looking for any straight up genre stereotypes, you’re looking in the wrong place with this album.

With snatches of funk, techno, classical, blues, house….soul and many things that have gone before, in ‘ The Lost Movie’ Philogresz has managed to integrate all of the aforementioned in such a way that it’s sounding distinctly fresh and original – like none of the aforementioned in fact. One of the highlights for me, serves as a fine example – ‘Rize Brother Rize’ a slow to mid-tempo hip shaking number with one of the biggest, most emotive bass-line/lead synth combinations I’ve heard in many moons. This track has soul embedded in it, but then there is that big funky bass, Minimal techno and ethnic percussion combined with heart rending keys reminiscent of early Isaac Hayes – uncategoriseable

To say the production throughout is polished would be an understatement, it’s tight and uncompromising – pushing limits in all the right places. The mood is overtly serious and deep throughout, not many ‘hands in the air’ moments, this is thought provoking stuff for introverted ravers and ‘life students’ alike. Music for rainy days and nihilistic nights. Not to say that the LP isn’t ‘dancefloor friendly’ quite the opposite. The groove running through the LP is undeniable and phat, just don’t go expecting snare rolls and euphoric breakdowns is all I’m saying.
In summary, this album comes very highly recommended to anyone with an open mind and a broad taste in music who can appreciate what I can only describe as true storytelling in electronic music. - Courtesy of Timeline Music

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