Daniël Jacques returns with discovery change part 3.

With Daniël having a great repertoire of releases spanning the last 13 years (including the hazy and mesmerising Livet Efter Detta ep on mistress records) his latest release comes out on his own new imprint; Jadac recordings.

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Kicking things off on discovery change part 3 (as part of a quadrilogy of releases) is ¨Slaves of Rhythm¨, a 7 minute baleric house fusion featuring a psychedelic roaring melody line throughout. Jacques warm and almost organic sound can be heard completely (especially with the tracks delicate warm percussion).

On the flip slide are two other very distinct tracks. Mon Explication features a very haunting tone throughout whilst Lost Count provides the opposite, with a chilled out and dreamy experience (think early Joy Orbison with XXYYXX). These three clean-cut tracks present an excellent starting point to the first of many discovery change release on Daniël´s Jadac imprint.

*Also, when putting the four separate covers of the discovery change releases together (part 1,2 & 4 coming soon!) it will depict one large image of a very important person in his life, nice little touch.