South African born, New York-based producer Echologist isn’t messing about on his latest five track EP. His unflinching, invigorating tracks and the remixes that elevate them to expansive new heights make this EP a must.

The opening cut, “Dead Men Tell No Tells” pulses with an unrelenting beat that swells with rhythmic basslines and slithers of white noise. The interplay between these different tones and textures creates transcendental soundscapes that belie the mesmerising repetition of thudding, solid bass loops. 

This heavy-hitter is followed by “Dusted”, which adopts a more low-key slant through throbbing, industrial bass, shuffling percussion and chromatic chimes. It’s a journey as trippy as it is unnerving, plunging the listener into mental states that force the heart to pound and mind to race.

The rest of the EP is made up of remixes that prioritise a real adrenaline overload. Deepbass takes a contemplative approach to “Dead Men Tell No Tales” by engaging with the track’s hypnotic potential to produce a compelling interpretation.

Antonio Ruscito begins his first remix in a serene vein only to build into a crushing climax of unwavering synth noise and engulfing static. His second helping, in the form of a bonus remix, centres around menacing and incessant chimes that fluctuate between background and foreground as they interact with the surrounding ambience that captivates and unsettles in equal measure.

This EP is evidence of the intoxicating exhilaration unique to Techno which will have your neurons firing on all cylinders.