Diffuse Arc is back with his fourth release on the Spanish electro label Caustica Waveform. However, this time Arc is joined by Arcanoid (previous releases on Transhuman Records) for a four track EP of pure synthetic and rhythmic joy, titled Constant Pulse.

On the A side are two very distinct tracks which take a more chilled out and relaxed approach.

A1’s “Inner Tour” provides you with a very melancholic experience wrapped up in the format of a well crafted pop song with its distinctive chord progressions, structure and floaty piano melodies and trills.

This vibe contains on the second track “School Life” which is complimented by a hard but soothing bass line and a beautifully composed piano break to build up the groove for the end of the track.

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The B side carries more beef with some harder but still charming groove to help notch things up.

B1 “Set it Out” effortlessly blends that early Chicago sound with a sun bliss Miami feel complimented by the timeless melody sample ft on Omar S' - Set it out.

Finishing off the EP is “Funky Heroes”. This track is a beast of its own and can only be described as acid funk with its hard groove and brain melting acidic bass lines.

"Constant Pulse" describes this EP perfectly, it's professional but almost experimental approach to the art of the groove showcases Caustica Waveform’s growing form of quality releases.

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