“In Spain the soup is harsh but tasty served cold to staff in empty winter discos it replenishes their souls devoid of joy as they scavenge through left behind belongings. The Beatle grins and stirs the pot, his recipe of gruesome memories reverberates through the stagnant air as tears fall into stale sangria.”

Unknown artist The Beatle delivers 6 deconstructive cuts on the third instalment of mysterious dutch label Tapenade. There is little to be known about tapenade at present, apart from that they like to churn out obscure edits, but it would seem the label is deriving from The Hague. The Beatle rolls back the years and puts his/hers/there? distorted imprint on a series of classics across the musical spectrum using heavy cuts and innovative drum loops resulting in a number of dance floor ready grooves.

The opening record paints the picture for whats in store and it sure isn’t what we have come to expect in this time where rare original reworks are coming in left right and centre. In fact The Beatle’s start to the tale is quite the contrary as the original was the debut single of dutch artist Jacco Gardner, released only a few years ago. Gardner is recognised for his 60s psychedelic influences which is complimented gracefully with subtle effects and vocal samples much a like the classic vocoder vocals associated with Italo.

“Do It Yeah” is an interesting rework of Atlanta based American hip hop group Arrested Development’s hit of the 90’s “People Everyday”, which helped the group achieve 2 grammy awards in 1993. Its rough cuts and slick drum work give the track a captivating rhythm seducing the listener. The infectious vocal work still pays homage to the original however gives the edit more depth making the record a real party pleaser.

Of particular interest is the Bob Marley - So Much Trouble In The World cut; the track is driven and high in tempo, which is a stark contrast to the laid-back, chilled-out ethos that both the original version and the reggae genre are founded upon. However, the track’s message remains the same.

“The way earthly thin's are goin, Anything can happen.”

Alongside a couple of well known gems are some real obscurities, the type of records you don’t find in everybody’s collections and maybe not all for the right reasons but The Beatle’s modern touch sure brings them back to life.