After releasing on the likes of Bunker, Chiwax and Boe recordings, Perseus Trax’s (Nigel Rogers) is back with a three track release on the new imprint - Secret Gang.

Nigel’s influence of late 80’s Chicago and Detroit set the back-bone of this release and is taken a step further with a modern synthetic and twisted touch.

Nightlife in Tokyo is a great Solid 4/4 track to kick things off, full of retro overlaying background synths you could imagine hearing on the intro of your favourite 80’s cop show accompanied by arpeggiated aquatic riffs which compliment the song’s wavey sound.

Mysteries (personal favourite) is a trip of its own. The driving one note bass line blends effortlessly with the overlaying breakbeat and afro inspired percussion resulting in a late night track taking your mind to dizzy new heights (especially with the cheeky haunting vocals on the breaks).

Track three takes you even further down the rabbit hole. Night terror is a squelching mash of melting acidic bass lines (very reminiscent of Josh Wink’s - I’m Talking To You) , trippy synth lines and rawkus hand claps showcasing perfectly Persues Trax’s ability of pushing his production hardware to the limit and creating almost unimaginable sounds.

Best #perseustraxx to date has landed #secretgang

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