When your ethos as a label is to promote unreleased or little known artists you pray to find a diamond in the rough such as TK Lawrence. Lower Manhattan born, Brooklyn raised and now residing in upstate New York, TK steps up out of nowhere to handle the second installment on Cavalier. The all vinyl Irish label takes a buzz from placing new producers into record stores for the first time. 

Ter Khan Lawrence’s passion for music started young. Spending much of his youth outside of school and inside the studio, watching his father work on his albums. His music is influenced by everything from Jazz, to that classic Masters at Work pioneering New York house sound, alongside a massive childhood love for video games.

With cavalier 002 being his first release, the mystery that is TK Lawrence makes a bold entrance with four solid tracks that show a comprehensive understanding in dance floor culture. From start to finish the EP shows an array of captivating rhythms and dynamic grooves with an excellent use of the full audio spectrum.

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The magic to the rich well rounded sound is the relation between the mid lows and the true low end which creates a wide, warm fatness thats sure to put a smile on any dance floor junkies face. The A side shows a deeper, rawer, more driving approach; high in tempo, dark by nature. Where as the B side Tk drops tempo, showing lighter tones and playing more with his love for videos games using trippy, snake charm melodies. The EP has intensive drum work throughout; four to the floor punchy kicks, jackin percussion and crispy clear highs that pierce through the solid mucky depth of the low end.