Since 2009, year-by-year Dark Entries have been gaining momentum and have built a solid reputation as an outlet that is filling gaps in dance music history. Revisiting the great, the weird and the strange, the label ranges from that which may have been forgotten to that which may be high in demand. Amongst these fine lessons in music history the label also finds time to deliver more modern and contemporary cuts releasing names like Bezier and Frak to name a couple. Behind this instalment is Barcelona-based Colombian Victor Lenis, AKA Cute Heels, who last appeared on the imprint in 2014. Since then Victor has become well known for his Italo techno fusion and built this reputation with releases on labels such as Schrödinger's Box. 

In the two tracks from the Colombian there is little messing around from the first beat, both tracks possess a spooky sinister tone reverent of 80’s new wave influences. The cuts share similar solid 4/4 drum work rich in reverb and fused with distortion. The title track has playful, acid arpeggiated synth lines merging and captivating with depth and drive. As the track progresses the percussion work floods in with snaps, crackles, pops and huge gated reverbs. ‘Lipstick Information’ shares a similar playful aquatic synth work in the low end, however, shows brighter tones with more melodic high frequency synth lines. 

Contributing to the two remixes of the title track are ‘The Hacker’ and an interesting choice in ‘Steffi’. Steffi brings to the table what we have come to expect from her; dark Berlin tones, driving groove and banging drums. The Hacker however, puts together a very stripped approach in comparison to the other cuts with a down tempo version that still packs a whopping punch.