Over the last few years, the name ‘Florian Kupfer’ has made its way onto many people’s radar. His previous work has seen the light of day on both Ron Morelli’s labels, Willie burns W.T.Records, Ninja Tune’s Technicolour as well as the much loved white label Sade Bootleg. His first release of 2017 comes on the imprint Private Persons, a label coming out of Moscow, Russia. Although the label is still very much in its infancy there paving their way with big steps as seen in this 3 track EP. 

Title track ‘Post Present’ is a moody stripped back crowd pleasure, something pulled out of Florian’s unreleased back catalogue. The cuts built around a distorted female vocal that's repetitive arrangement offers a very spacey dream like demeanour engaging the listener from the get go. The low end rolls with fat, playful bass notes which are tightly packed with punchy crisp drum hits. The track makes subtle progressions using melodic synth lines which at moments creates a different mood.


Flipping the record B1. ‘Can't Love Live Without U’ takes things deeper mixing dark chords with gritty drum textures topped off with flirtatious bass work. The track speaks a very familiar lo-fi house sound yet still doesn’t fall short of being very pleasing on the ear. The EP takes a sinister turn with the final cut ‘Любовь’. A bone chilling composition of menacing soundscapes seeing the record out in a mean ambiance.