From the first glance of the artwork to placing down the needle on the first cut the Minor Forms EP by Francis Harris generates a warm inviting feel that sure lives up to those preconceptions as the record unfolds. After a short hiatus from his house driven endeavours Francis’s returning record falls on his own outlet Scissor and Thread. The record features two originals on the A side met with a double remix by Valentino Mora on the flip.


The opening track ‘More We Can’t Do’ is a cordial 8 minutes long in which Francis shows his graceful side once again. Sweet melodies form from tender pads whilst crunchy, lo-fi esque drum work commands the energy of the track with subtle builds and breaks. ’Minor Forms’ however, focuses more on the lower end of the frequency spectrum with warm bass notes and sparse drum hits leaving room in the remainder of the sonic field for rhythmic bells and jazz like influences. 

Valentino Mora, known to some as French Fries, provides two alternative’s to the title track that both have something different on offer. The underwater rephrase takes the title track in a dark, moody direction making the cut the most dancefloor friendly. Whereas the Cosmic Trans Rephase is put together in a very Francis Harris type way, soothing, subtle and touchingly heartfelt. 

All in all the EP is another fine example of the great music coming from both Francis Harris and the Scissor and Thread label. Packing four harmonious cuts this record sure belongs in any dubby deep house heads collection.