V1 charts the first physical release on collective-turned-label Cyberspeak. The LP features 4 original cuts from producing duo Train to Eltanin, with an additional Ghost Mix interpretation from Grienkho. Inspired by the intricacies of digital programming and the internet as language, V1 marries elements of glitch, electro-funk, jungle and broken beat under a versatile club banner. The shifting tones of the tracks characterised but the cryptic fonts and symbols emblazoned on the sleeve.

Jumping straight to intensity, the A side contains two killer versions of the track Former Agents. The first (and original) forms hi-speed electro in a wash of distant echos and curling vocal samples. Subtle acid underscoring and punchy drum work completes the creation with dance floor damaging results. Grienkho’s remix however, takes a dark and schizophrenic turn. The slung back tempo crafting a foreboding march around layers of distortion and a deep, invasive kick drum.

Rasada, the opening track on the B side, edging the sonic aesthetic to lighter textures. Resonant synths bubble and interlock through a spacious continuum of ambience. Complete with evolving percussion, with some well calculated glitch work, the electro-IDM amalgamation encourages bodies to groove and cognitive function to probe deeper.

More nods to digital sequencing merge with reflections of video game soundtrack on the aptly named Human Artifacts. A paralleled stylistic progression of the previous made new by wandering time changes and jazz-like keys. The kicks, claps and hi-hats fading and re-emerging throughout to emphasise the fluctuating patterns.

Bingle Jells ends on a cataclysmic jungle break, a disarming move away from B1 and 2. Boisterous rave sirens penetrate through scratches, freeze loading and traumatic drum fills. The fragmented narrative - as present on the release as a whole - describing the unpredictable nature of digital manipulation. Testament to the beauty of error.

Atmospheric, thought-provoking and armed for the the club soundsystem; impressive production embodies the Cyberspeak collective’s conceptual aims, the computer and its disruptive potential forming the stabilising centrepiece of the work. Lose yourself in a world of code and numbered realities. And in the word’s of the evocative collective - “Keep on Programming”.

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