Criminally underrated producer Sangre Voss takes the helm on new imprint series Third Place Dance Discs. The aptly titled ‘Dance Class’ EP features 4 genre-bending cuts that border on the schizophrenic. Whimsical, stylish and overflowing with fuel for dancefloor bodies.

Titular track Dance Class sprints without the need to walk. Alien frequencies and high-energy Breaks work in tandem to create something bizarrely organic. Overlaid with speech from what sounds like an instructional dance video, the story ark for the release’s wholly off-kilter aesthetic quickly bubbles to the surface.

A2 number Blda brings more hard-to-pin arrangements to the table. Spliced vocals and a brass horn melody coil around superbly layered drum work. Resting somewhere between Moombahton, Afrobeat and something else entirely, the track rolls out unpredictably, constantly reinventing itself to welcome effect.

One Bad Mango opens up the B side: a rolling, tribal infused builder that effortlessly toys with shifting waves of energy. Glassy synth notes ease in as the composition progresses, further expanding on its shamanic undertones. A sonic-psychedelic enhancer to your next peyote trip.

Tailing off the EP, Voss pulls back the tempo on Amam (Run From The Thunder Mix). A drifting sound collage punctuated by a steady and methodical kick drum. Shakers, claps, rim shots and other percussive devices smartly fill the spaces in between. A trance-like texture that floats the spirit through a swirling, kaleidoscopic landscape.

A comprehensive, rare release that refuses to be boxed. Unique and genre defying without ever isolating the listener with over-experimentalism. Ultimately this EP achieves its namesake, commanding those who listen… to dance. Party in your room or on the dancefloor to the future sounds of Sangre Voss.

Sangre Voss - Dance Class EP [Third Place]

The criminally underrated Sangre Voss kicks off the Third Place Dance Discs series in fine style with the aptly titled 'Dance Class' EP.

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