A crucial and surprising repress from PHIL; a label centred around deep, personal and timeless electronics. Back in 2009 just 150 copies of Simon Hinter’s ‘Take Care’ EP were pressed, a quality record lost to those swift enough to grab one - until now.

After almost 10 years the emotive record - treading the lines between Melodic Electronica, Deep House and Detroit Techno - makes a welcome return. Without the fancy frills of sleeve art, the music is the focus here, and it shows.

Opening track ‘Take Care’ unfolds with rich, honest percussion. So raw you can feel the hand-drummed rhythm gently interacting with the wooden surface. This impressive introduction steadily builds into a euphoric combination of light melodies and attentive drum work perforated with celestial vocals.

Follow up on the A side presents Aki Latvamäki’s groove-injected remix of the previous cut. A punchier tempo breathes new life into the mellow ambition of the original. Claps and drum fills work around dense chords as familiar melodies phase in and out. Cut from the same cloth, yet invariably different.

‘Nightlights’ switches up to deeper House affairs. Clean hit-hats and snares glide forward with a subtle and consistent kick. Carefully layered synths and strings create an immense sense of depth. A lone piano theme the flourish on top. One for dancefloor transcendence in the twilight zone.

The jaunty ‘Mr Blue’ takes a bow with soul/jazz overtones. The spiral dance of piano and guitar anchored by a steady percussive beat. A neat, playful conclusion to the B side, and the EP as a whole.

Wax for the after-hours, the heady peaks and the day time movers. A loaded repress that envelopes the listener via a fluctuating palette of emotions: nostalgic, melancholy, joyous and playful.