Sonar Base, better known as Dutch Electro pioneer Frank De Groodt, presents a twisting trip down sci-fi avenue with We Attack at Dawn. The third instalment in the Sonar Base Transmissions series on Deeptrax records, reissued for a new generation of beat engineers and sound scientists.

The release houses 5 clinical cuts, brought to life by acid sequencers, intelligent percussion and comprehensive soundscapes. Another dystopian fracture in an expansive, ever-evolving mythology.

Much like the opening track’s namesake, The Deadly Storms of Uranus gyrates at a dizzying pace, highly charged and fraught with ominous electronica. Haunting chants and dissonant echoes sharpening its fearsome edge - upbeat, experimental Electro at its best.

Glitch in the system Polygone Suffering - real name The Soul Of e1-Q42z - paints a roboticist’s nightmare in vivid detail. A resonant kick drum layered atop rough saw wave signals and erratic computised sounds bringing the A side to a cliff-hanger close.

On the reverse, The Journey Home builds a contrasting scene; stripped back and serene with a high dose of acid at its core. Floating through an ambient expanse of familiar drum work the track sets itself as an integral interlude to an otherwise hectic EP.

The Swarm offers a hazardous concoction of airy synth chords, sawn-off drops and reverbed electronics. Staggered percussive breaks adding additional texture to the dark, volatile atmosphere. Tension looms throughout, a desperate battle strike unfolding under cover of darkness.

Trudging into the final act, Photon Filers eases down the tempo with dense, apocalyptic melodies. The terminal cry of a cyborg gone rogue, equal parts manic and calculating. A desolate conclusion or brooding intro to your next DJ set.

Programmed for dancefloor devastation, We Attack at Dawn is cybernetic storytelling at its best. For those out in the field, it’s multi-purpose function serves as the perfect record bag companion. And for the casual listener: power down and get lost in the techno-future narrative.