Another elusive drop from Japan’s Uchitoshi. One of many nomadic Minimal releases from yoyaku’s sublabel project YYK no label; an outlet dedicated to Japanese producers jostling at the forefront of the electronic underground.

Limited and hand stamped, the the Murasakino EP continues the series’ winning streak. Across three mind bending cuts, Uchitoshi toys with elements of Tech, Breakbeat, Ambient and Techno to create something both esoteric and accessible.

Lone A side track Budōnoki capitalizes on unabated percussion and an ever-present bass line. An unsuspecting synth melody makes its presence known as the rhythm unfurls. The result: an infectious breaks-like spiral sure to bring energy to the dance floor.

On the reverse Budō comes thundering through. Drawing from a palette of tribal drums, crunchy sub bass and distorted glitch, it quickly cements itself as the evil entity of the EP. A peak time reality check as catchy as it is disturbing.

Ending on calmer form, Wain renders a slung back, dreamlike response to the previous’ intensity. A slow burning wash of ambience lays the foundation. Evolving percussive ensembles guide the listener to deep, psychedelic pastures. And expert panning of sound the final touch to the immersive experience.

A concise yet diverse press; each track offers a distinct take on the Minimal genre and are of themselves lengthy and explorative. The shifting tones throughout make this a must-have in the DJ bag, primed for all occasions.