After holding down a residency for London’s prime time internet radio station NTS since 2012 (mixing up a monthly set of pretty much everything) Shamos (UK) finally hits us with his debut wax release on Funkeven' s  Apron imprint (who now have a growing repertoire releasing the likes of Seven Davis JR and Greg Beato).

Shamos' latest EP titled “Road Works Part 1” ticks off all the boxes for Apron’s signature sound of pure and honest electronic music with four tracks of raw house music with a twisted, gritty and beefy undertone throughout.

The A side provides two straight up dj tools with A1 “training Day” creeping under your skin with its haunting yet powerful synth drone really helping bring up the tension and elevating the atmosphere of the track towards new heights. 

“Ode to Lynch” on B1 takes a more subtle approach, kicking Apron’s experimental side we are serenaded here with a beautifully twisted dark house track accompanied with stabbing pianos and eerie melodic lines creating multiple textures of minor and major sounds which may even haunt your nightmares (or soothe your dreams?)

B2 is a roughen. Stinging high hats and a fat mutated bassline guide this track to a plausible end for Apron’s debut release on Apron records.

Limited copies in the store so grab it quick!

(Maybe we’ll be treated with Road Works Part 2 soon?)