(By Hayley Reid)

The artist formerly known as Mistanomista is back with a four-track, jazz inspired electronic 12” to follow 2014’s lauded album, Acid Vertigo. Polyphonic Mind is the fourth album by Russian artist Yuri Shulgin which, in keeping with previous work, delivers a lively and fresh exploration of funk, jazz and acid house. The record was released through 2015 Parisian label, Escapade Recordings, whose mission statement pledges ‘jazzy explorations in electronic territory’. This promise is fully realised through Shulgin’s eclectic mix of funk guitar riffs and skilful beats which blend to create a heady and satisfying result in Polyphonic Mind. 

A-side opening track ‘Nothing in the City’ sets the pace for the record and establishes the tone with a piano riff and beat that feels like a steady intro, not only to Polyphonic Mind, but to Shulgin as an artist. The title track of the record, which finds itself situated comfortably between the slow burn introduction and the more electronic B-side, is the clear stand out of the record as a whole. Guitar riffs and saxophone breaks combine with the beat and xylophone hook to create a future classic of the genre. 


Livetrackrecording opens the B-side with an altogether different vibe to the experience of the first two tracks. The song is slow to build, feeling less polished than the A-side and more of an experimental test into the possibilities of the genre. #1Stereo brings the experience to a close with a dreamlike meditation on acid house through the use of jams and delays. 

Illustrator and graphic design artist Pavel Zaroslow provides the cover art, depicting a man sat on a stump in an almost meditating posture, surrounded by the twisted roots of a forest and holding a drum machine. The viewer is invited to imagine that this is Shulgin, a lone meditator in a quiet clearing with nothing but the magic of the drum machine and his immense talent.

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